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At Integrated AV Systems, we are a trusted and reputable provider of whole house audio in Salt Lake City, UT. We understand that the desire for you to hear music or listen to the radio can come at any moment. Make sure you are able to satisfy that desire in any location of your home at the touch of the button. If you live with multiple individuals, each resident can make their bedroom an audio paradise without disturbing anyone else. Our desire is to see our customers take full control of their space.

With our whole house audio systems, you have the opportunity to be awoken by your favorite song, have that song follow you into the kitchen, and switch to your favorite morning radio station while you are cooking breakfast. This ability gives you tremendous power over the atmosphere of your living space. Our systems are completely customizable, and you can easily choose in which rooms your audio selections are heard, or make other rooms play different audio pieces.

The quality of our surround sound system installation is unparalleled. The trick in creating an ambient room for music is ensuring that the noise does not come from a single location. At Integrated AV Systems, we fill your whole area with quality sound, so the level stays consistent no matter where you stand.

Our home audio installation is perfect for hosting parties. You can easily change the music being played to influence the mood of the occasion, or respond to the preferences of your guests without having to interrupt your own participation in the event. Since our system utilizes your phone as a source, you can play audio from your personal music library, apps, or the Internet. Fill your home with top quality rich sound as soon as possible.

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